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Love this place. I arrived with bursitis on one shoulder and severe stiffness on both hands after an accident and the major surgeries that followed. I have received a consistently excellent quality therapy at their Port Chester location. I can even move my shoulder and fingers now! The staff is warm and personable and the environment is amicable. Strongly recommend it!
– Myrna C.

I have been going to True way physical Therapy for my rotator cuff injury and Doctor Mon helped me with my rotator cuff of my right shoulder and he has help me get back my range of motion and strength and I feel that I am very very happy and satisfied with his treatment that I received three times a week. Dr. Mon has always shown his professionalism along with his staff and I would definitely recommend Dr Mon to my friends and family. Dr Mon has always been friendly and when he helps me with my right shoulder he takes his time and has been getting my arm allot better than what it was months ago. His staff has always been very friendly and attentive to me and I also see them helping other patients and treating them very well. Dr Mons office in Port Chester is very clean and always has a nice clean smell to his therapy office.
– Jay S.

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Mon and his staff at Tru Way PT. When you meet them, you will know what I am talking about. I’ve been to their offices in both White Plains and Port Chester for back issues, and more recently a broken ankle with plate and screws holding it together. Heat, cold, stimulation, hands, Graston and Laser have all been applied but I think the personal care and attention makes the difference. My best days are when I receive treatment, and although I do a fair amount of self-care, it can never replace what happens in their offices.”
– Eric S

“At True Way Physical Therapy, Dr. Mon always greets you with hello and listens to your aching problems. Dr. Mon gives you treatments toward your problems and advises you on exercises you should practice at home. At True Way, the staff makes you feel comfortable and answer any questions or concerns you may have. TRUE WAY gives you TRUE CARE.”
– M. Joseph

“There are not enough words to describe what a wonderful, caring person Dr. Mon is. He has such a positive attitude, which I find very contagious. You can walk into his office with pain, and when you leave you are laughing, smiling, and nearly wanting to do back flips.”
– E. Miceli

“Dr. Mon changed my life. After two major back surgeries within 3 months, I lived in constant fear of reinjuring my back. And in fact, until I started see Dr. Mon two years after the surgeries, I was always encountering discouraging setbacks. Within months of seeing Dr. Mon, I was back to working in the gym. Slowly at first, then with more intensity. Dr. Mon gave me expert, compassionate treatment, but most importantly, the courage and confidence to help heal myself. I am indebted to him forever.”
– J. Rodgers

“I went to True Way for treatment of a torn rotator cuff. Because of the great care I received, I avoided an operation and am virtually pain free. At True way, you are taken on time, and given the personal supervision of Dr. Mon. Throughout my lifetime, I have been to several physical therapists, and I can state that Dr. Mon is the best!”
– M. Pistone

“The True Way Staff is friendly and professional. It quickly targeted the weak spots to make them functional and beyond. The doctor’s competence is re-assuring, his support staff knows just how to make you feel comfortable. Just as importantly, True Way is conveniently located!”
– R. Lee

“Therapy at True Way is hard work. In injured my left ankle and did surgery, and after several vigorous therapy sessions I can truly say I see great improvements. Thanks to the warm, caring, dedicated staff. True Way Physical Therapy is the way to go.”
– P. Groce

“Dr. Mon is one of the most dedicated, professional, knowledgeable, effective, concerned, educated, humane, forward thinking, accommodating, & funniest PT I have experienced over the years. He is wonderful, and his staff is just as accommodating and helpful.”
– M.R. Zero

“The personal touch and therapy given to a patient is superb. My condition has much improved because of Dr. Caddauan’s treatment. I highly recommend True Way.”
– S. McCormick

“True Way was a great help before and after surgery and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you True Way.”
– V. Harvey

“I started PT with Dr. Mon in 10/2010. Since then, I have improved tremendously with my knee/hip. I am able to perform much more physically without pain or discomfort. I have been to many other PT offices, but the professionalism and expert advice I’ve received here has been very informative and tremendously helpful for my condition. I would recommend to others!”
– M. Law

“I believe Dr. Mon is the best candidate for this position for several reasons. He is very supportive, considerate, and understanding, He does a job well done. Couldn’t’ have ask for better. He is a great Doctor.”
– M. Smith

“Dr. Solomon Caddauan is an excellent practitioner and a wonderful person. I have been in physical therapy both pre and post operatively and note the consistent improvement in my condition. His attentive staff also assists in this beneficial experience.”
– R. Brown

“Dr. Mon is wonderful therapist and does a great job. He takes care of my back and arms and hands. He cares about his patients and I am grateful having him take care of me.”
– J. Olivera

“I came to Dr. Mon after a fall at work where I injured my right knee and ankle. Subsequent surgeries preceded my return to his therapy. He is very knowledgeable and has helped me with relief of pain and range of movement. I would recommend him without hesitation for anyone who needs physical therapy.”
– R. Lindner

“My husband and I have come to you for various conditions. With you, favorable results are definitely achieved. I personally have been elsewhere for therapy because I was directed to others by a doctor and wasted time, money and precious progress, as hardly nothing was done. We would not know what to do if we never discovered you. We are forever grateful to Dr. Mitamura for recommending you to us. Thank you and God bless you.”
– U. & M.B.

“After my 3rd visit, I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory tablets.”
– A.G.

“Dr. Mon has been treating my ailments since 2006. He is an excellent, gentle physical therapist. I have the option of seeing therapists in my Medical Group, however, I would not let anyone but Dr. Mon treat me.”
– P.R.

“Dr. Solomon Caddaun is an excellent practitioner and a wonderful person. I have been in physical therapy both pre and post operatively and note the consistent improvement in my condition. His attentive staff also assists in this beneficial experience.”
– B.R.

I have been with True Way Physical Therapy for 8 months. My referring doctor advised me that her family are patients of Dr. Caddauan and that they would never go anywhere else for treatment.  I agree. If you want results you go to Dr. Caddauan. It is apparent that he loves his obvious calling to rehabilitation therapy and provides each patient with individual attention specific to their needs. Both Dr. Caddauan and each of his staff members are remarkable caring people. Each and every appointment each patient is verbally welcomed by Dr. Caddauan with a warm hello and his apparent zest for his life. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else recovering from my painful condition
– Jennifer F

Dr. Mon is the best physical therapist I’ve ever seen!  I have been seeing him for over a year for chronic pain related to two different injuries; one to my neck and one to my Achilles tendons.  Both have not healed because I had breast cancer.  Twice.  As a result, my body’s own system is too out of what to repair so much damage.  I’m a young woman, I’m nowhere near ready to retire and unfortunately my job aggravates both injuries.

Dr. Mon to the rescue! He always seems to know what’s wrong without me having to tell him.  He’s simply one of those people who is a gifted healer.  Yes, he has all of the appropriate clinical licenses and degrees.  However, he has that extra sixth sense that he puts to good use with his patients.  He’s a wonderful physical therapist and I can’t recommend him highly enough!
– Kathy D

I’ve been seeing Dr. Mon for my back. Within no time I have noticed great improvement. I am able to move around freely and get back to the things I enjoy doing. Dr. Mon take his time to listen to your concerns and talks to you about them and explains whys and what’s. Not only that, he is a friendly person and so is his staff.
– L.G.

I see Dr. Mon three times a week for a frozen right shoulder. He is personable and professional and his staff is friendly. I’ve been coming to True Way for two weeks now and have already noticed an increase in my range of motion. I look forward to returning to full strength with the help of Dr. Mon. I have no hesitation in recommending True Way PT to anyone who needs physical therapy
– Iyenemi W